Service Instruction

created by Frank Weithöner
Step 1

Remove pointer.
(1 screw)
Step 2

Remove label and scale.
(2 screws)
Step 3

Remove cover.
(3 screws)
Step 4

Mark position of inlet or outlet cone.
Also mark the position of the rack.
Step 5

Remove the rack.
(2 brass screws)

Important: Open the 2 counter nuts and
screws from the sides first. Otherwise you will demage the 2 brass screws.
Step 6

Remove inlet cone.
(4 screws)

Remove regulator assembly.
(2 gaskets)
Step 7

Check the regulator and the gaskets.
Clean everything with ether or alcohol.
Step 8

Remove outlet cone.
(4 screws, 1 gasket)
Step 9

Remove slide valve by pushing from outlet end of the housing.
If you have difficulties use a wooden or plastic tool.

Important: No metal tool! Metal will damage the valve's surface.
Step 10

Clean the device with alcohol or ether.
Obstinate dirt can be removed with metal polish, if you wash away the polish afterwards with alcohol carefully.
Before assembling you may lubricate the valve lightly with vaseline.
Step 11

Unscrew the regulator housing.
(4 screws)
Step 12

Remove the regulator housing.
Step 13

Clean the regulator with ether or alcohol.
Check every moving part for smoth motion.
Step 14

Probably you need a new O-ring. If you don't have the original you may take another one. Put a bigger O-ring in and tighten the 4 srews of the clamp ring lighty just to keep the O-ring in position.
Cut it now accurately with a sharp knife. Work carefully, otherwise you will have leakage problems. Put a bit vaseline on the O-ring before inserting the regulator back to the housing.
Step 15

Check the vaporizing chamber and the metal mesh for damages and clean everything.
Step 16

Remove the lever of the halothane insert
(1 screw)
Step 17

Clean the parts.
Step 18

Only in case of a leakage continue dismanteling the rest of the mechanism.
Hold the sleeve and unscrew the inner

Important: To loose – turn clockwise
Step 19

While assembling be sure that the lever
covers the hole of the white plastic
nozzle properly.
Step 20

After reassembling and tighten all srews
check the pointer setting.
Move the pointer between 50 and 60
and insert the setting gauge through the
Now move the pointer to the left. It
should indicate 35 (+/- 1mm).
Step 21

The original setting gauge is shown in
the drawing above.
The same result you get with a modified
4mm allen key. The original diameter is
3.17 mm. But even a normal 3 mm allen key works fine.

Step 22

Finally the leak test. Block outlet connector and connect an air source and a pressure gauge to the inlet.
(An old sphygmomanometer works very well)
Pump air into the system until approximately 200 mmHg. Close the airway. The pressure will fall slowly. The time for falling until
190 mmHg should be at least 30 seconds. Do the test with pointer in 'OFF' and in '3.5' position.
Step 23

Leaks become visible by brushing a little soap water around the connections.
Bubbles will appear.

Note: Around the brass rack on top of the regulator only use ether or alcohol. The slider gets stick after the soap
solution is dried.

Finally some dos and don'ts
- Store and transport the OMV with pointer in 'O' position.
- Do not expose the vaporizer to full sun.
- PENLON recommends a maintenance every 6 month.